Aluminum Shakers to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Written by Admin Crew April 06, 2022

Why are we making the s-witch from Paper vs. Aluminum shakers?

 In short- Recyclability and Refillability.

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and is one of the most recycled items in the United States, as it is one of the most energy efficient and least expensive materials to recycle. Whereas paper can only be recycled 5-7 times.

Buh bye one-use. Sup, refill.

Our new shakers are built to be used over and over again! Easy to open, refill, and clean. Our paper shakers can only be used one time, without the potential for refills, which creates waste and adds to our overall carbon footprint. Alongside our aluminum shakers, we offer 2 fl oz and 4 fl oz refill packages which are home compostable and much lighter weight.

Carbon emissions weigh on our shoulders…

We are making many efforts to reduce our overall carbon emissions from both upstream and downstream factors. By switching to aluminum shakers, we are reducing our carbon emissions by about 20 kg TTW CO2e per year that is the equivalent of a 50 mile car trip or the carbon footprint of a pair of jeans (that is just upstream emissions)!

Downstream-wise, we’re estimating the average customer ordering 1 aluminum shaker and purchasing bulk refills on our site could potentially be saving .23 kg (TTW) CO2e per year (assuming a customer buys 1 lavender and cocoa per month each year). 

It doesn’t sound like a lot individually, but that means all our customers combined would be saving 1 ton of CO2 emissions just from Lavender and Cocoa purchases.

“Picture a football field, and then imagine a round balloon with one end lined up on the goal line and the other on the 10 yards line – that is, a balloon with a diameter of 10 yards. If that balloon were filled with CO2, it would weigh about 1 ton; it would be a 1-ton CO2 balloon.” - Bill Chameides: Climate 411

Customer breakdown of Carbon Emissions


1 paper shaker wt =  26g   x 12 times a year x 1570 average miles for delivery =

CO2e 0.24kg (TTW)


1 aluminum shaker wt =  (16g  x 1 times a year x 1570 average miles for delivery) + (4 oz refill weight x 5 times a year x 1570 average miles for delivery =

CO2e 0.01kg (TTW)


Pretty cool, hu?

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