Bod Focus: Yoni

Written by Admin Crew January 20, 2023

The Yoni, the Sanskrit word for a vast ecosystem of parts and energies.

Made up of the mons, vulva, labia, clitoris, vaginal opening, urethra and cervix. The Yoni is one of the most dynamic and sensitive inside/outside thresholds of the human body. It is the site of pleasure, release and birth and also often the site of trauma, chronic dysregulation and imbalance. 


Herbal Approach: 

The two most important things herbal medicine can provide to topical Yoni care is ecosystemic harmony and tissue integrity.

PH, and microbial populations go hand in hand, so making sure the Yoni environment is acidic is key. Soaps, some lube, sperm, and douches can change the pH of the yoni, and will make it susceptible to yeast and bacteria imbalance.

Microbial balancing herbs support a proper environment. Tissue supporting herbs strengthen the integrity and resilience of Yoni membranes. 

Herbal aside: Did you know that the tissue of the clitoris never ages?...!!!


Plant Potions for your Yone:

Kooch Quench- Promotes tissue integrity 

Yoni Duster- Promotes a balanced microbial environment

Acid Base- Soothing and pH balancing