Fat Crush: Shana Cleveland

Written by Marketing FM January 21, 2023

Oh how many ways do we crush hard on Shana?

Well, there are so many parts of her to love. 

She is a beloved member of the Fat and the Moon Coven, a loving mama to the sweetest kiddo, a style icon, a survivor, a creative genius and, well, an actual rockstar. Shana is one of those rare people whose inspirational powers grow and magnify the closer up you get to her. 

We are so excited to share that TODAY, her latest (mind expanding/heart melting) album, Manzanita, is now available for preorder!

A bit more on the record…

Manzanita is the common name for a kind of small evergreen tree endemic to California which has strong medicinal properties. It’s also the name of the brand new full length by visual artist, writer, songwriter, and musician Shana Cleveland.

Subtle, powerful, and unafraid. We can’t actually tell you how much we love this record because you’d never believe us, so we’ll just say that it is her strongest and most personal album to date. 

The link to the preorder here!

Check out the Shana's new video for her single from the album, Faces in the Firelight:

Visit shanachelevand.com for latest news, tour dates and march, and follow her on Instagram @shanacleveland