Dry Shampoo Discernment

Written by Admin Crew November 04, 2022
If you’ve had your eyes on the news this last week, you might have seen the mass recalls on dry shampoos containing benzene- a well known carcinogen. These kinds of recalls cause us to throw our hands up to the heavens asking why TF are these ingredients even in body ‘care’ products, especially hair care which is crowning that all important brain?  

Benzene, aluminum, talc, cetrimonium chloride, fragrance, petrochemical derived chemicals galore are common and toxic ingredients in dry shampoo. Our take: Completely, utterly and totally unnecessary.

Our Lavender and Cocoa Dry Shampoo was one of our founder, Rachel’s earliest formulations since she loved dry shampoos and was flabbergasted by their toxicity. Her experiments led her to find inspiration in one of her favorite chocolate bars. She realized applying just a bit of our dry shampoo using a makeup brush gave her the results she was after. Volume, texture, without the dusty halo and, you know, cancer causing, endocrine disrupting, environmentally polluting ingredients.