Facial Skin: an Herbal Approach

Written by Marketing FM February 22, 2023

The skin on the face is uniquely sensitive because it surrounds very important organs and orifices, like your mouth, nose, eyes and ears. 

Facial skin is thinner, so it has more hair follicles and oil glands to protect it. The skin on the face has faster cell turnover than the rest of the body. All of these attributes, when out of balance, can be the sites of some skin bummers like bacterial build up, inflammation and dysregulation.

Herbal Approach:

The herbal approach to the facial skin is to support its own sloughing and regenerating functions, and to assist in proper ph and microbial balance. 

In chronic issues, a deep dive into underlying, internal causes is necessary. Diet, sleep, stress and hormones all play a big role in how our skin looks, since the skin is one of our biggest detoxifying organs. Bitters for digestion and nervines to regulate the nervous system work alongside topical treatments for healthy skin. 

Fat and the Moon’s skincare map:

  1. Support healthy skin cell turn over with gentle cleansing, and exfoliation without stripping the skin. 

  2. Promoting circulation in the face, which stimulates healing white and red blood cells.

  3. Protect the skin from exposure and bacteria with botanicals (who are experts in microbial resistance).

  4. Nourish and hydrate, with toning plant hydrosols, vitamin and mineral rich plant oils and repairing phyto (plant) chemistry.


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