Fat Crush: Venus

Written by Marketing FM February 27, 2023

Crushing is a burning desire to connect. 

The primal source of desire is the energy of Venus, which is why Venus is this month’s Fat Crush. 

Venus, the planet, the goddess, the archetype, the primordial energy.

Venus, is the epitome and root of love, desire, beauty, art, and the celebration of the senses. Without Venus, there is no Self Love, Self Care. Without Venus, there is no pleasure amidst the pain.

Venus asks us to be embodied, to relish our existence through our senses, through sensation.

How we Crush: Our Venusian Recommendations through the Five Senses.


Go draw a plant, they won’t judge. Drawing is a way to see. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at drawing. Once you draw something, you see it in a more dimensional way. 

For those who get into this, we recommend some portable water colors.




Our oldest sense, deeply tied to memory. Right now, notice what you smell. Sniff your food before eating it, your house as you enter it, a flower before you pass it. Tap into the ancient olfactory language.

Scent creation is a profound art, and one we deeply appreciate from these folks, especially this scent:



Can you feel the clothes on your skin? Can you sense the centeredness when you put your hand to your heart? This week, focus on the sensations you curate for yourself, in clothes, touch, temperature or texture. This practice attunes you to the resource these sensations can provide, especially in times of discomfort from uncontrollable, external situations. 

We love the medicinal touch of Lisa Gainsley


Listen for inspiration (and…hope?): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-teenager-leading-the-smartphone-liberation-movement/id1624946521?i=1000597691089

Cozy SciFi in Audio: https://audiobookstore.com/audiobooks/a-psalm-for-the-wild-built.aspx

When a song needs to be sung: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Mdleue8j4


Add spice. In unexpected ways. Cardamom, fennel, ginger, pepper, cayenne, mint, rose, clove, cinnamon. Add to your coffee, your next meal, get weird, food and medicine is a creative convergence that brings health and pleasure. 

Currently putting this on everything, including ice cream with fresh mint…