Herbal Approach to Oral Care

Written by Marketing FM March 06, 2023

The mouth is our first digestive organ. As soon as we begin to eat, the acidity of our mouth changes to begin breaking down our food. The health of our teeth and gums is greatly influenced by the ecosystem of our mouths, and the health of our mouths greatly impacts the whole bod since it is the entry point of our digestive and respiratory system. 


The Herbal Approach:

Herbal medicine offers both a boost to mouth hygiene and tissue support, which includes the gums. Plants are experts at dealing with microbes and promote balance within the mouth. Herbs also amplify the tissue’s natural ability to repair- healing which happens especially quickly in the mouth. Promoting saliva is another way herbs assist oral health, since saliva is key to maintaining a more alkaline environment between eating sessions which allows your teeth to remineralize.


Plant Potions for Your Yapper:

Tooth Cleanse (Anise & Clove, Spearmint)- Cleans teeth without the abrasion that irritates the gums

Tooth Polish- For more limited, 1-2 times a week, use to remove stains

Herb’s the Word Mouthwash Concentrate- Plant powers balance the mouth environment, and support tissue repair

Herb’s the Word Mouth Spray- A pocket size spray to keep your mouth fresh and gums supported throughout the day