Fat Crush: Audre Lorde

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
In honor of Black History month, we share our profound Fat Crush is on the poet, activist, mother and deep thinker, Audre Lorde. Audre Lorde has been a powerful inspiration in guiding Fat and the Moon’s concepts of Self Love and Self Care as forms of activism.⁣
Lorde’s multidimensional thinking is far reaching and expansive, empowering us to question our self imposed limitations in how we perceive the world. Her work encompasses the margins, pushed to the edges by the status quo, with enough room for the ecstatic celebration of the full spectrum of origin and identity. At the same time, her work is an invitation to come back to the most intimate parts of ourselves, and our inner worlds. Thank you Audre Lorde for the seeds you’ve sewn, it is our honor to tend them, to watch them grow, flourish and bear the most luscious fruit.⁣