Herbs Growing Humans: Sara Raskie and Tony H. Cervantes of Camil Teoyotica

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
At FM, we see the direct and powerful bond between plants and farmers, they seem to grow each other. In this series, we want to share with you who these special people are, because they literally grow a part of the magic infused in each FM potion.⁣
Meet Sara Raskie and Tony H. Cervantes of Camil Teoyotica.⁣
Sara Raskie and Tony Cervantes live and grow on a farm called Calmil Teoyotica in our neighboring town of Nevada City. The words ‘Calmil Teoyotica’ meaning, “Sacred house surrounded by flowers.” On this verdant piece of property, Sara and Tony grow so many varieties that the land expresses a more extensive definition of its name that means “entire universe unfolding with flowers.”⁣
Their vision is to build a relationship with Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Flora and Fauna to create loving food medicine sustaining the healthiest relationship with all of Creation. They specialize in care taking a diverse range of cultivars within a permaculture environment by offering fresh and dried herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers, wild crafted food medicine, tinctures, salves and other products. Some of their primary crops are medicinal herbs such as horehound, calendula, sweet grass, white sage, mugwort, and comfrey among others. Their mission is to offer and promote local food medicine tended with love, within the natural cycles of Creation. Sara and Tony also offer workshops on traditional food medicine, and we are abundantly grateful to have them in our community.