Fat Crush: Mettle Health

Written by Marketing FM September 19, 2023

There's more to health than medicine.

This month's Fat Crush is an organization and community of humans we've grown to deeply admire in recent months, Mettle Health

Founded by BJ Miller and Sonya Morgan, Mettle Health offers a new perspective and approach to palliative care, helping patients, caregivers, and their families navigate the practical, emotional, and existential concerns related to chronic disease, disability, health-system utilization, and death. 

In other words, all of the critical issues that are largely unaddressed by conventional healthcare. 

Conventional American healthcare focuses on the disease, not the person living with the disease. Palliative care is what all healthcare should be: a focus on the patient’s needs and where the doctor and clinical team take on the role of advocate and partner rather than owner of the person’s health. Mettle Health exists to provide support services for the emotional, practical, spiritual, existential, and logistical issues that people run into when dealing with serious illness.

We had the honor of sitting down and chatting with co-founder Sonya Donan and Ladybird Morgan RN, MSW, RCST of Mettle Health in a moving conversation about palliative care, end-of-life compassion and community, and the importance of self stewardship.

For anyone dealing with a disability, chronic illness, terminal illness, or grief, please check out Mettle Health.

Watch here.