Plant Focus: Rosemary

Written by Marketing FM July 17, 2023

Rosemary, Salvia rosmarinus: Clarifying, uplifting, stimulating, neuroprotective, with application from nervous system to scalp. Rosemary is one of those near and dear plant friends who keeps revealing their complexity. 

Within an herbal formula, Rosemary synergizes and activates, bringing wakefulness and much needed perspective. Ever just sniff Rosemary essential oil? Give this plant a whiff, and wait for a clarity download. Rosemary for remembrance, indeed.

Rosemary-infused potions:

Shampoo Bar: A Cov’ fave. Rosemary stimulates scalp and strand and who knows what insights and deep memories might pop into your mind and you lather those locks?

Spirit and Salt Spray: Our herbalist-formulated hair mist doesn’t just stop at creating texture; infused with Rosemary and Saw Palmetto, misting daily tones the scalp and adds integrity to your locks. 

Lip Salve: A perfect dose of Rosemary blended with mango butter, sunflower oil, and beeswax to provide the lips’ sensitive skin some protection while also keeping this salve soft and light. 

One of our much loved, OG kitchen witchin recipes is a Rosemary hair rinse. This simple recipe combines the pH regulating effects of apple cider vinegar which brings integrity back to the hair shaft with the scalp rejuvenating powers of Rosemary. The combo brings shine, softness and helps the mane bounce back from summertime exposures to sun, heat, saltwater and chlorine. 

Rosemary Hair Rinse 

1 cup strong Rosemary tea

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

Mix together and add to a bottle you can pour over your head in the shower. Rinse your scalp after shampooing, but don’t rinse out the potion itself. 

The vinegar scent will dissipate as your hair dries.