Fat Crush: Michelle of Nana Joes Granola

Written by Admin Crew November 17, 2022
Meet our latest Fat Crush, Michelle Pusateri, founder of the wildly addictive Nana Joes Granola. Michelle is one of those people that you fall for at first convo. Kind, funny with a heart of gold that shines through her. Then, you try her granola and wonder where she has been all your life. We are so grateful to know Michelle, to crush on her, and to eat the amazing array of granola that is the embodiment of her warmth.

Michelle's Story

When Michelle was 15 she started waiting tables and making cappuccinos at the local mall cafe. This experience sparked a love affair with the fast paced environment of food service. After spending 15 years bartending Michelle decided to take a few culinary classes at her local Texas community college and within one week of taking Basics of Baking and Pastry she fell in love with the science of baking that brought bread and pastries to life!

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 2002, Michelle moved to San Francisco, California where she worked as a pastry cook at The Fairmont Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel, Magnolia Brewery, Nopa and Nopalito before starting Nana Joes Granola in 2010! Since 2010 she has grown Nana Joes Granola into a million dollar company that focuses on her core values of community before profit and product integrity. Always striving to bring whole food ingredients back to the grocery store shelves, Michelle continues to innovate recipes with the supply chain in mind and collaborates with like minded businesses. 

When Michelle isn't working you can find her at Ocean Beach surfing and going on long walks through Golden Park.

About Nana Joes Granola

Nana Joes Granola was founded with the goal of bringing whole food ingredients back to the grocery store shelves. Breakfast should be a meal that nourishes and sustains you which is why all Nana Joes Granola products are baked by hand with organically grown ingredients sweetened with just a touch of maple syrup. Community is also a cornerstone of Nana Joes Granola; they are dedicated to the well being of our community, providing living wage jobs, internships and entrepreneurial mentorship. 


Nana Joes recently launched a Magic Bar Granola blend with @bakerita, in the coming weeks, they are releasing a Strawberry Matcha granola blend with Melissa King! New customers can use the promo code: EPICGRANOLA for 15% off your first order and free shipping after $50 with discount!

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