Fat Crush: Sarah Kate Benjamin and Summer Singletary of Kosmic Kitchen

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
Our Fat Crushes this month are the giant hearted and radiant ladies of The Kosmic Kitchen, Sarah Kate Benjamin and Summer Singletary. While growing food and herbs in their community gardens, they were both dealing with major health issues. Through studying and exploring herbal practices, both Sarah Kate and Summer discovered boundaries, learned more about their needs, and ultimately learned that all bodies have an innate desire to heal and can do so even after incredible trauma. 

The Kosmic Kitchen began as a simple online journal, where they documented recipes and newly learned remedies, and showcased their love of plants. As time went on, Sarah Kate and Summer began to study traditional medicine practices more deeply, and The Kosmic Kitchen grew into an educational platform for plant-based wellness rituals. This month, Sarah Kate and Summer released their first book, The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook: Everyday Herbalism and Recipes For Radical Wellness. With over 75 nourishing recipes and herbal remedies, this cookbook and seasonal guide to wellness pays homage to the ancient wisdom of the elements.

Plants called Sarah Kate and Summer to do this work and healed them through the process. They bring plant medicine, the people's medicine, back into the forefront. We know they’ll encourage kitchens to become kosmic worldwide, so that every human has a fundamental understanding of their bodies, and can experience the incredible magic of plants.

We are honored to call Sarah Kate and Summer friends and allies in herbalism. Follow them on IG at @thekosmickitchen and find their book at the link in below!