Fat Crush: The Rose

Written by Marketing FM June 30, 2023

This month we’re crushing on the Art of Drag.

And since we can’t pick ‘em all, we have to introduce you to a queen who has stolen our hearts with her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent…perfectly coiffed hair, fashion inspiration, love of theater and Celine Dion…our hearts could go on, and on.

Meet Rosé, NYC’s self-proclaimed fashion clown, and our current Fat Crush. Rosé first came on our radar as a finalist on season 13 of Drag Race, but has recently made headlines as a voice for queer and drag communities. Hundreds of anti LGBTQIA+ bills have been introduced this year, with dozens of states targeting drag as an art form. Rosé recently hosted All Aboard!, a queer extravaganza benefiting ACLU’s Drag Defense Fund, which fights to protect the freedom of gender identity and expression. You can make a contribution to the Drag Defense Fund by rounding up at checkout on fatandthemoon.com.

Earlier this month, Rosé was one of 4 drag artists who sat down with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the effects of conservative efforts to restrict their art form and lives. This conversion is worth the watch, and reminds us to lead with love, and champion being yourself in whatever form that looks like.

 We’re all in drag, right? We assume a physical presence to match what society has told us we are,” Rosé said. “Drag, at its best, is dismantling that expectation because somebody like me is not supposed to look like this. But baby, why not?

When asked why ‘controversial’ events like Drag Story Hours exist, Rosé responded, “To encourage children to read, to enjoy reading.” Can’t argue with that. 

We connected with Rosé’s publicist, Cherie Lily, who shared the most epic music video she created about her love of lotion, (yes, lotion), and we think All Cream has a new theme song. Watch here → 

Ross Rosé McCorkell just took his final bow on the off-Broadway production of Titanique the Musical. Next, you can catch Rosé alongside other brilliant artists/activists/humans live on the Werq the World 2023 tour which kicked off in New Jersey on June 17th. We’ll be there! 


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