Care and Support for Violet

Written by Marketing FM June 20, 2023

Dearest FM Community,

We are reaching out to ask for your support for the family of our beloved Lindsay, who you know as our customer service Coven member. 

Lindsay and her family recently found out, after two hellish months of progressively worsening seizures, that her 2 year old daughter Violet has a brain tumor. 

There are still a lot of questions, with no clear diagnosis or treatment plan. 

In order to get the expertise and care Violet needs, Lindsay and her family are needing to travel and temporarily relocate to work with pediatric neurologists. 

We have posted Violet’s GoFundMe in our profile links to financially assist them so they can focus on their care for Violet. 

We also ask that if anyone with experience in these matters has any recommendations for doctors, treatments, or hospitals please send us a message on the GoFundMe page.

If you are unable to make a financial contribution, please hold Lindsay and her family in your hearts.

We will be donating all the profits of our Calm Kid Mist to Violet’s GoFundMe.

We love you Lindsay, Zak, Grace and Violet.