Bod Focus: Armpit

Written by Marketing FM June 05, 2023

It all started in the armpit.

It’s kind of true. In 2011, Rachel, our founder, grossed and horrified at the toxicity of deodorants she’d used for years, was looking to create a non toxic deodorant for herself that employed the myriad powers of plants. 

Our OG Deo Cream was born. 

As the years have gone by, the armpit has been a serious pocket of focus. During her first days slinging FM at Bay Area farmers markets, folks were shocked at the idea that they could or should touch their own armpits when applying deodorant. But why should cosmetic corporations and their wasteful packaging mediate our relationships to touching our bodies, she asked herself. Touching your armpits is a great thing!

Here’s why:

Clusters of lymph nodes live under the skin of your armpit, so massaging that area daily can actually assist in the lymphatic flow of your bod, which flushes out waste and rinses with immune cells. Check out our interview with Lymphatic Expert Lisa Gainsley Levitt here

Next pit chasm to cross: Antiperspirant

No, our deodorants are not antiperspirants. The antiperspirant bit is what makes most deodorants toxic. Sweating, as it turns out, is an important and natural process of the body. But sweat and stank don’t have to go hand in hand! Read on..

But does natural deodorant reeeeally work: F Yes.

Sweaty crevices of the bod naturally create odor. This isn’t always a bad thing, our scent is a sexy part of our animal natures. Unfortunately, the extra unpleasant scents of our underarms are usually created from a nasty brew of bacteria cheered on by stress hormones. Fortunately, plants have been flexing on bacteria for millions of years, and are damn good at it. The next time you get a whiff of armpit you don’t dig, apply our Deodorant Cream. The scent will be neutralized on contact. If it doesn’t, call me.

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