Golden Nut Butter Recipe

Written by Fat and the Moon March 25, 2020
Let thy food be thy medicine. 
Fat is the medium that carries the medicinal benefits of anti-inflammatories like turmeric right into the fat encased cells of our bods. 
Fat synergies with some plant compounds and makes them easier for us to absorb.
Lucky for us, that makes for some delicious herbal foods.
Below is a recipe for Golden Nut Butter. Golden Nut Butter contains botanicals that help modulate our susceptibility to all kinds of pathogens, and to the ill effects of an overly inflamed bod.
Golden Nut Butter
1 part Cashew/ almond/ sunflower butter/ tahini (if you’ve got a Champion juicer, you can process nuts into nut butter)
1 part Coconut butter or ½ part coconut oil 
To your tastes/ availability:
Powdered turmeric
Powdered cardamom 
Powdered cinnamon 
Powdered ginger
Cordycep, reishi, chaga, maca powder (if you’ve got it)
Optional: add honey
Mix the butters and honey together, then add powdered herbs. Store in the fridge up to 4 months.