Herbal Gomasio Recipe

Written by Fat and the Moon March 25, 2020
Variety is the spice of life. So while there’s not much variety in our days right now, we can turn our attention to making each bite we take in abso-freakin-lutely riveting. It is an important time to get intentional about what we are taking in via media, conversations, food, air, medicine, etc. since that is what we are building ourselves with. Layering herbs into your daily meals keeps things interesting while supporting your health.

It’s also a time to check out what the hell is in that spice drawer/ pantry/ basement. This recipe is a starting point to enliven herbs you probably already have floating around.

Big bowl for mix
Spoon for stirrin’
Coffee grinder/ spice grinder/ mortar and pestle
Jars to store (a great way to reuse Fat and the Moon jars!)

P is for part.
1 P Salt (to taste, add this at the end to modulate to your liking)
2 P Sesame seeds (or other seeds or nuts you can smash into smaller pieces, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds all work. If you use flax seeds or chia seeds, it would be best to store in the fridge.)
1 P Seaweed, can be dulse or any other seaweed that can be blended into smaller bits
3-4 P of a smattering of these herbs:
Fennel seed
Caraway seed
Dill seed
Cumin seed
Anise seed
Coriander seed 
Dried lemons or oranges
Dried rosehips
Milk thistle seeds
Black pepper

Pulse all herbs and larger pieces of seaweed in the grinder. I like to have some seeds remain whole, but it’s up to your tastes. Add sesame seeds or seed/nut of choice. Then add salt to taste! Jar up and enjoy on pretty much everything. I eat it on my toast and jam in the morning.