Herbs Growing Humans: Soil Sisters Farm

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
At FM, we see the direct and powerful bond between plants and farmers, they seem to actually grow each other. We are so honored to be able to work with both the plant beings and the farmers they’ve grown. In this series, we want to share with you who these special people are.⁣

First up, our friends and neighbors in the community, Maisie and Willow of Soil Sisters Farm.⁣

Soil Sisters Farm is a diversified farm in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, on Nisenan land, and a stone’s throw from the South Fork of the Yuba River. They are a women-owned business, founded in 2010 with a commitment to valuing healthy relationships – to oneself, one another, and the land – as a way to bring health and beauty into the community. They raise flowers, vegetables, and a pretty happy population of bees on a parcel land just outside of Nevada City.⁣

Their working manifesto speaks for itself. “To pursue farming by our own standards of success and health. To value women’s voices and women’s wisdom. To celebrate the slowness of seasons, the patience of god, the beauty under our feet, between our hands, and in the river.”⁣

Follow their flowering pursuits at @soilsistersfarm 🌱⁣