Introducing the PUMPED PROGRAM with Terracycle!

Written by Marketing FM April 20, 2023

We are so excited to offer Terracycle Cosmetic Recycling!

Fat and the Moon is always working towards making our packaging more sustainable. Plastic tops that are used on some of our products have always weighed a little heavy on our mind. We always want to push sterilization and reuse of our tops whenever possible. We offer aluminum capped refill options on all Fat and the Moon products, allowing you to reuse and extend the life of your initial plastic dispenser. We also have have created a Creative Reuse & Repurposing Guide to display other ways to give a seconds life to our packaging.

However, we know after a full life of service those plastic tops sometimes need to be retired. And when that time comes, we are happy to offer an awesome new service that will allow you to recycle those tops with ease and peace of mind. Terracycle is an amazing company that will not only finely sort and separate cosmetic refuse, but combine it with other like packaging to create raw material that can be reused.

How does it work?

Fat and the Moon is happy to offer free disposal of all beauty packaging. This means we will accept beauty waste from other companies too!

Most Fat and the Moon packaging, itself, is home recyclable & compostable. You can toss our glass vessels, aluminum containers and most metal tops in your personal recycling bin. Our Kraft pouches are completely compostable. Check out our Regenerative Guide for more detailed home disposal instructions.

When you have collected a couple of our tops or lids that won't be reused & are difficult to home recycle, feel free to send them our way! And when you do so, throw in any other company's cosmetic packaging waste you have collected. We will Terracycle them for you, giving you peace of mind that it is being recycled responsibly.

Simply, pack your Fat and the Moon tops & other beauty waste up and mail it to our warehouse:

Fat and the Moon
ATTN: Recycle
416 Crown Point Circle #6
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Gentle Reminder: While we'd love to see you in real life, this address is only for admin purposes and is not a storefront or open to visitors at this time. Thank you for understanding!

Here is a cool video on the beauty waste recycling process from Terracycle:


What we can accept:

Plastic Dispensers & Tubes, Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles, Plastic Packaging, Multi Layered Packaging, Complex Closures, Aluminized Tubes, Glass Dispensers & Tubes, Cosmetic Cases & Sticks, and Glass Packaging.

  • Please remember to home recycle as much as possible! This helps reduce carbon emissions from unnecessary shipments. Any beauty packaging waste you can't home recycle, send our way.

What we can't accept:

Electronic Items, Aerosol & Pressurized Cans, Partially Full And Full Packaging, Nail Polish Bottles & Removers, Perfume Bottles, Wooden Eyeliner Pencils, Wood and Bamboo.



A note from founder Rachel Budde:

We. Are. Pumped.

Treatment pumps are the bane of our existence. While plastic free innovation is happening in packaging vessels themselves, the accompanying treatment pumps maintain a stubborn foothold. While we provide metal screw tops for refills, we can’t offer a plastic free, recyclable mister or pump.

This is why we are so pumped (pun absolutely intended) to have partnered with TerraCycle! Now, you can send us back those treatment pumps (from our products or others) to be recycled!

Simply pop your clean pumps in the mail, and send them to our Coven warehouse. We ask for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10.

Get pumped.