In Kamil's Words: Plant Potions for a Powerful Life

Written by Fat and the Moon July 05, 2019

It's no secret that we at Fat and the Moon have a Fat Crush on Kamil Oshundara. Kamil is a fierce arts activist, Spoken Wordsmith, tree spirit, multifaceted artist, Queer Curator, Priestess of Ifa and of the Earth.

This month, Kamil shared her top 5 picks for the Fat and the Moon plant potions she uses to live her most powerful life. In Kamil's words:

Love Thyself Body Oil
"I love to use the oil after the shower, or when I want to feel a 'lil pampered. It has a spice to it, and dries fast — so no stains." ⇨ Love thy'self!
Hecate Lip Paint
"Maroon energy. Looks good matte or glossy. Vibrant pigment, I also like to use it for a light color on my eyes."  ⇨ Get it, goddess.
'Lil Deodorant Cream
"It’s great for on the go, fits right in my purse and kept me cool."  ⇨ So fresh and so clean clean.
Pimple Mud 
"I like this mask because it’s really raw and refreshing. Easy to apply, and can be used on individual spots."  ⇨ Get green.
All Cream
"This cream is super rich and luscious. It’s cooling and leaves a nice shine. Definitely an essential."   The Dream Cream.