Lemon Balm

Written by Fat and the Moon June 07, 2018

Lemon Balm, Melissa Officinalis -uplifter of Spirit. My teacher compared the effects of Lemon Balm to the power of a joyful child; it is almost impossible to hold onto the heaviness of life in their presence. The relationship between kiddos themselves and Lemon Balm is like a lullaby. Calming, sweet and memorable. Whether as a sun tea or hydrosol (as seen in the Calm Kid Mist) Lemon Balm soothes. For all of Lemon Balm’s gentleness, this plant is also a potent anti-viral and is a perfect tea for early signs of colds in kids.

For folks of any age, used topically or internally Lemon Balm promotes healing of HSV (cold sores). Viruses are opportunistic, trillions upon trillions of them exist in our midst. Notice how a cold sore pops up when you’re stressed, over tired, or get overexposed to the sun? Lemon Balm works on disabling the HSV virus directly, but also helps you tap into your own resources with the ‘joyful child’ effect on your nervous system. When you’re chill, your bod knows what to do to keep itself healthy.

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