Oldie but Goodie Mermaid Mask

Written by Fat and the Moon January 17, 2018

WINTER SKIN - Oldies but Goodies

Winter encourages us to turn inward and get Self Care refocused, which is a great thing since winter also sucks the very life from our epidermal layer. So if you’re feeling that particular winter combo of cozy and crafty + dry and itchy, I got a oldie but goodie praaaduct for you!

I’ll never forget Mrs. Smolic who horrified us as kids by swimming INTO the swampy part of the lake at our Slovenian park. She would rub the algae all over her face and bod. In response to our dramatically disgusted expressions she said it was excellent for the skin. Her methods, though extreme, did result in a seriously heavenly glow.

Not everyone is a heebie immune Slovene lady. The Mermaid Mask makes it real easy to feed your moisture starved skin sans frog eggs and water bugs.

We all love the mask experience, but many masks out there strip the skin, drawing, pulling, tightening... cool if you got removal on the mind, and pores full o’ yucky. Not so much if dryness is your issue. As part of a winter skin regime- Mermaid Mask uses the mucilaginous powers of ocean plants, moisture attracting attributes of honey and mineral providing properties of clay to hydrate and nourish the skin (and hair!).

The Mermaid Mask is meant to be a thin film, especially if you’re using it on your hair or dry scalp. Mix up and massage into the skin, then let sit for at least 20.