Potion Prezzies for D.A.D.

Written by Admin Crew June 16, 2022
The celebration of Father’s Day and the pinnacle of the Sun’s radiance go together. Summer Solstice is the time to appreciate the life initiating masculine forces, that bright and hot yang energy.  

Here are a few potions that honor that D.A.D. in your life. 

Face Oil

Get that beard botanical-ed.
Face Oil offers the same skin softening and balancing formulation to keep that facial hair luxurious.
(Don't miss this brilliant Face Oil performance from our Shipping Lead, Siamac)

Moon Milk

If your Pop likes a one stop shop, Moon Milk is for you. A cleanser AND light moisturizer in one. The perfect minimal maximal gift for Dad.

Deodorant Cream

Our OG formulation has stood the test of time (10 years going strong!) so is a perfect potion to offer to Dad in his quest to care for his bod and the earth bod without being the stinkier for it!

Shampoo Bar

Head to toe cleansing with the grassy, musky aroma of Clary Sage that transcends the gendering of scent. Excellent for the spectrum of hair types, the Shampoo Bar is one of the FM Coven faves.

Farewell Funk Foot Powder

Help dad keep his shoe ecosystem in talc free harmony with botanical besties that keep microbes running. 

Other Faves for Dad

Sore Muscle Salve, Itch Mud, Bite and Burn Spray, Green Man Scented Balm, Aloe Lotion, Herbs the Word Mouthwash....heck, Dad would love the whole line.