Worshiping Clay Idol

Written by Rachel B March 19, 2019

Rather than an ethereal God or Goddess, a clay idol is the formation of earth into a focal point for worship. Clay seems the most fitting material for this kind of morphing; the color and texture stay true to the earth, while its form springs forth from the inspiration and intuition of the hands.

A Clay Idol is a representation of the form of forces we feel, both within and without.

In a time that is full of the effects of disembodiment, either through the black hole of the device, or the pace that doesn’t let us check in with ourselves, we are reimagining our relationship to the earth and to our bodies. Worship, reverence and awe pull us back into ourselves.

The ancient earthen ‘Venus’ figurines are ambiguous, open to interpretation that liberates our ideas of God/Goddess. Yet, they know their own meaning, their own history, their own magic. Worship is actually a conversation, a communication between intentions and forces, and both are stronger for it.  

Clay Idols invite us to create our own, to sink our hands into the earth, to see that everything comes from the Ground.

Photos by @hayflux