Written by Fat and the Moon August 28, 2018

Hygiene, from the Greek hygies as in Goddess Hygieia. Hygieia bestows the world with the kind of healing powers that go a real long way: the power of prevention. It always comes back to the wisdom of the Goddess, don’t it? Preventive medicine is the cosmic realm where Self Care resides alongside the wise idiom of ‘Let thy food be thy medicine”.

The ancient Greek “hygies” translates as “living well”- hygiene is a “healthful art”. Hygiene as a “Healthful Art” implies a creative practice. What a sharp contrast to the very clinical, antiseptic associations connected to the word ‘hygiene’.

Fat and the Moon is all about the re-frame. Can we transmute limiting ideas we’ve inherited from our culture about the unworthiness of our bodies into creative juice for Healthful Art? It might take some offerings to a certain Goddess, but I’ll say YES.