Bod O

Written by Fat and the Moon August 23, 2018


The ole B.O., we all got it. While we believe it’s us emanating stank, the truth is, it’s our room mate….bacteria. Like a hot day at Sunsplash, we sweat and our bods get crowded with lines of bacteria trying to ride the new water slide.

The resulting aroma depends on a few factors: PH, hormonal fluctuation, diet and stress. Ever notice when you stressin, you become about double the stinker? Well, it’s because you change chemically- you become a different environment. Unfortunately, a stressed environment invites the stinker bacteria. A topical deodorant will only go so far if your life is full of stress. Same is true if the bulk of the food you’re taking in leans heavy on the side of processed or super spiced. A strong whiff of something unpleasant can alert us of a deeper issue.

Now, I have come to personally find fragrances that aim to cover natural, very human, scents to be downright gag inducing. The longer I work with plant based scent, the more sensitive I’ve become to the fragrances in laundry detergents, shampoos and on perfume doused ladies sitting next to me on the plane. ‘Fragrances’ aren’t just off putting, they are sneaky code for potentially toxic chemicals. Check out the website for more on ‘fragrance’.

It’s hard not to wonder what we are so eager to cover up?

Part of Self Care is addressing the layers of shame we humans have about our bodies. The messages we receive from our culture, fam or childhood bullies that we are somehow less than can unconsciously fuel small, daily, self inflicted acts of violence. Applying hormone disrupting chemicals head to toe because we are afraid of our smell is a small act of violence. When that fragrance laden detergent or shampoo goes down the drain and into the water supply, that destructiveness continues...

Our sense of smell helps us bond with, and recognize, each other. Mothers, when blindfolded, can identify their babies in a lineup of littles. Our attraction to mates is heavily affected by scent. Natural (as in created by Nature) scents in animals and plants are chemical messages we give and receive. I believe we can all find a middle ground of embracing our unique scent while also wearing deodorant, or scent of choice.

Like misconceptions that eating a healthy diet makes for boring food- using plant based, non toxic body care products does not mean you need to sacrifice. Here at Fat and the Moon, we are gluttonous, pleasure chasing heathens, if I do say so myself. Healthy food from the garden straight up tastes better- and herbal bod care is a luxurious medium for Self Love.